Cascadia Standard Poodles

Bettering the breed


Why diversity is important

our commitment

Our commitment to Standard Poodles is to breed in genetic diversity while maintaining and increasing their best qualities -  wonderful temperament, intellect, health, proper structure and longevity. 

Why is genetic diversity so important? Due to the effects of a “genetic bottleneck” in Standard Poodle breeding caused by the very wide use of five stud dogs in the 1950s, the breed’s gene pool is significantly limited. Lack of genetic diversity has led to a high risk of autoimmune diseases.

Fortunately, due to many committed breeders and science we now have the knowledge and tools to find rare genes in the breed that are healthy. 

Here are some of the tools we are using.  

Here is a link to a really informative article about  inbreeding and it's effects on the immune system

Our Standard Poodles will be genetically diverse, intelligent, with proper structure and lovely temperaments. We are also committed to preserving their useful dew claws and natural tails.